Author ISBN Title Cost
Eric Dean 0-8146-1595-3 Saint Benedict for the Laity $9.95
Dwight Longenecker 0-8192-1856-1 Listen My Son, St. Benedict for Fathers $17.95
Norvene Vest 0-8192-1991-6 Preferring Christ, A Devotional Commentary on the Rule
of St. Benedict
Anselm Gr´┐Żn OSB 3-87868-124-0 Benedict of Norcia $3.95
Garcia M. Colombas 84-85139-6 Reading God, "Lectio Divina" $4.50
  8-8146-1272-5 The Rule of St. Benedict (RB 1980)
English text only
Timothy Frye OSB, editor 0-8146-1220-2 RB 1980 in Latin and English with Notes
(soft cover)
Francis Kline 0-8146-2428-6 Lovers of the Place, Monasticism Loose in the Church $11.95
Michael Casey OCSO 1-55725-460-5 Strangers To The City, Reflections on the Beliefs and Values of the Rule of St. Benedict $15.95
Columba Stewart OSB 1-57075-219-2 Prayer and Community, The Benedictine Tradition $13.00
Mayeule Dreuille OSB 0-8091-0538-1 The Rule of St. Benedict, A Commentary in Light of
World Traditions