Seeking God in Community

Sisters at recreation


May Christ bring us all together to everlasting life.
Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 72


Our small community is family-like for here the young and the old, of varying personalities, abilities and skills live, pray and work together. Stability marks our life for we enter and remain here, sharing together the joys of consecrated life in a community and supporting one another in the fidelity to our monastic vows.

Bofore a woman enters, we invite her to spend time with us to discern whether God is calling her to a monastic way of life at our monastery. The time of formation includes postulancy (1 year), novitiate (2 years), and time in temporal vows (3 years). At the end of this time the Sister consecrates herself in Solemn Vows to God and unites herself forever to her community.


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