The Monastic Vocation
To prefer nothing whatever to Christ.
 (Rule of St. Benedict)
~ Sanctifying the Daily ~

The Opus Dei (work of God) is the main vocation of the monastic.  At St. Emma, we gather six times each day to chant The Liturgy of the Hours in English using simplified Gregorian chant melodies.  The Liturgy of the Hours and Mass are the center of our daily life.
Nourished in chapel by the Word of God and the Eucharist, we are nourished at table by spiritual reading and common meals. 
Lectio Divina (sacred reading) is an important part of each day. 
Manual work takes various forms.  The care of meal preparations for the community and guests (which St. Benedict, says are never lacking in the monastery) are accomplished by different Sisters each day.
The expansive gardens, outdoor Stations of the Cross, Rosary Path and extensive grounds need constant care and attention. 
Providing hospitality for those seeking to deepen their relationship with God, we welcome retreatants for weekend (and longer) retreats, days and evenings of recollection, and directed retreats.
Providing a source of Catholic devotional items and literature in our Catholic Gift & Book Shop is another part of our mission.
Office work, reservations for retreats, thank you notes and various other types of correspondence as well as financial duties for the monastery and the retreat house also require care and attention.
In the evening, we gather for "recreation" -- a time to share funny stories, enjoy each others company, play a game -- time  to be together before the conclusion of the day.
Each evening after Compline we process to the Marian devotional area in our chapel and sing the traditional hymn to Mary according to the liturgical season.
After Compline, we enter into our sacred silence until after Mass the next morning.  During this time each Sister has the opportunity for personal prayer, lectio, spiritual reading, etc. before retiring for the night.

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