Monastic Guest House

St. Emma 
Monastic Guest House

  Offers you the opportunity to
"come aside and rest awhile"
in a God-centered atmosphere
according to the
Rule of St. Benedict.

        Shielded by trees on three sides with the fourth side overlooking a very well cut field also surrounded by trees - what a beautiful setting for this jewel.  One senses God in the midst of such natural beauty while the sense of solitude and silence permeate this experience. The outdoor Stations of the Cross around the orchard, the monastic chapel and other retreat buildings are less than a 100 yards away.

        The time is yours to structure: to think, to pray, to be. Get out of the fast lane and let God re-charge your batteries. Spend special time with God basically in silence and prayer. With everyday distractions removed, one is able to enter into the depths of the heart and find God at the center.

        Individuals are welcome to join our Benedictine monastic community for any or all of The Liturgy of the Hours (in English) which we sing six times a day using simplified Gregorian chant melodies and for daily Mass.

� 9 private rooms each with bath 
� one handicapped accessible room
� 36' living room/dining room with fireplace
� oratory
� kitchen and laundry facilities
� air conditioning
� meals and linens are provided
Available for:
� private retreats
� personal time to reflect, re-group, re-focus
� small groups looking for a prayerful setting
� monastic vacation - alternative to traditional vacation
� directed retreats 

Priests, Silent Guided Retreat with Rev. Joseph Mele
January 23-28, 2011


Encounter with Silence Retreat with Rev. John Mary Tompkins, OSB
July 22-29, 2011


For reservations, please
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Some thoughts by those who have experienced a retreat at St. Emma…

At my first silent retreat experience the first session of silence was nerve wracking and hard.  What I found by the end of the weekend was that I didn't want to leave the silence.  It was a peace that I hadn't had before.

I enjoy the place, solitude, and feeling of spirituality that I get from St. Emma's.  I go to daily Mass at home but it's totally different here where I can pray and think of spiritual things.  I need that weekend to get through the rest of the year.

I've heard Mother Mary Anne speak about the monastery being an oasis in the desert.  That's exactly what it is.  All the troubles of life are out there, but you have this place to go and enjoy the refreshment of the Lord.

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